Yoga at your office!

A caring investment with great results

Office yoga

Now taking on new classes – Book a taster session for your office now

The class that benefits employer and employee

With 13.4 million days lost each year due to stress related illness;  office yoga classes could be the best investment you make today, both in terms of individual and company wellness!  It is more than just an exercise routine and is tailored to your employee’s needs. It is a complete program that addresses the body and the mind together. A regular yoga session will:

–         Boost concentration and memoryOffice yoga 2

–         Increases  productivity

–         Reduce tension in the body from long days

–         Soothe busy minds, providing students with techniques that can be utilized in the workplace

–         Lifting energy and spirit within your team

Yoga classes can be held anywhere in your workspace from a conference room to an open space and can be held before or after work or at lunch time at your convenience. No need to worry about mats because I will bring them for you. Book your taster class now. And why not, because next to the benefits your weekly yoga session can be deducted from tax!

Feel like this might be great for your office, please contact me for more information or reservations.

*Rates can be structured with one set fee or per participant. Contact me for a personalized quote.




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