Children’s yoga workshop on Tuesday the 8th of August

Time: 11:00-12:15

Ages 5-12

Price: £7

Book here

This workshop aims to give children a basic introduction to children’s yoga which allows them to explore their bodies safely in a nurturing and creative environment. In addition, giving them tools to help them relax or re-energize, whilst improving their health and well-being.

We will begin with a fun and energetic warm up, preparing the body to learn a range of animal yoga poses, which we will incorporate into yoga stories and games. We will also learn some gentle movement and breathing techniques that help calm and aid concentration. The children will then relax their bodies whilst they are guided through a meditation which aims to cultivate a feeling of contentment and ease. We will finish the workshop with some mandala designing and coloring and some delicious fruit!

Jane has been working with children in the education and care sector for 11 years and has taught children yoga since 2012. She is fully certified, insured and has an up to date DBS certificate.



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