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Hatha Yoga teacher Ruth

At Flow we are continuously moving, especially as our teachers love to go on adventures, courses and just love to travel!
We have lots of our teachers visiting and teaching at many festivals this summer  and we had some teachers moving on towards other adventures. Fortunately this also gives us the opportunity to welcome new teachers at Flow! This month we welcome our new Wednesday Morning teacher Ruth to Flow and next to having a lovely practice session together with Ruth last Wednesday I met her for a little Q & A

When did you started practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga 7 years ago when I was living in London. My life was very stressful and I decided to go on a Yoga and Surfing retreat in Morocco. It was the best thing I could have ever done. It calmed my mind and healed my soul. Unfortunately I didn’t keep up a regular practice when I returned to the big smoke. But it didn’t end…

When did you knew that you wanted to become a yoga teacher?

Last year having moved back to my home town Bristol, a few years before, I decided to explore my love of yoga further. I started to practice regularly and went to lots of different classes. I wanted to learn more and immerse myself in it so I decided to do a 200hr teacher training course. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a teacher I just knew I wanted to know more about yoga. But once I was on the course I felt so inspired to share this beautiful and healing practice and way of life.

Where did you do your teacher training and how did you experience your teacher training?

I did my teacher training with Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. I explored many different courses and this one had been recommended by a friend of a friend so I decided to go for it.

My training was honestly life changing. I learnt so much more about yoga and the power of meditation. I experienced and felt things within myself that I didn’t know were there. It was challenging but the most rewarding experience of my life. I just couldn’t believe the real power of yoga and breath. I have a very busy mind and work within a stressful industry so learning to calm my mind has been vital.

I now practice yoga and meditation as regularly as I can and my ability to deal with my stressful job has really changed and I have become more connected to the people in my life.

What do you hope to bring into your classes?

I hope to bring people that moment of calm in their day when they can just focus in on themselves without distractions. I want to help people build strength an flexibility and my classes will be strong but most importantly I want to help people calm their mind and see more clearly helping to reduce the anxieties of living in our hectic world.

I will also be bringing my love of cake to my classes – delicious but miraculously healthy! A gift at the end of every class from me to everyone who comes.

Meet our new teacher Ruth every Wednesday at 07:00, leaving with a double boost of energy – yoga & cake, I say yes to to that!


Q&A with James – One life, live it

How did you end up at Flow?  I heard through the grape vine that a new studio in Bristol was opening up and so I dropped Manon a line and the rest is history…

Did you like being a part of a start up studio? I loved it. I loved the excitement of what we were doing and how we were focusing it on thelocal community. At that time there was a lot of conversation around what people might need from a yoga studio in the area and ideas flowed in a passionate and enthusiastic way.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching at Flow? The students of course! I loved how enthusiastic and keen they all were. I loved how loyal they were, turning up at 7am in the pouring rain! I loved their quirkiness and their “out there” fashion sense. My classes seemed to attract students with tattoos and brightly dyed hair!

What are your reasons for leaving and why have you chosen to travel? This year my girlfriend and I were faced with eviction from our flat, as the landlord wanted to sell. So we had to make some tough choices. It meant I had to go back into 9-5 work to make us more financially stable, which is something I didn't want to do. We knew at some point we wanted to go off and see the world before we got too old. And around this time it hit me, when I have a skill like Yoga Teaching I can teach anywhere in the world so why not take this opportunity of uncertainly and turn it into something positive and super excitingand go and teach in nice, warm, sunny climate.

Will you bring your yoga mat on your travels and are you planning to practice yoga and teach yoga? Absolutely! I take my yoga mat with me everywhere I go. I have recently been in contact with some studios in Melbourne, Australia and I hope to be teaching over there at some point. I also would love to spend some time in India, practising yoga in Rishikesh and other famous Yoga places. Who knows I might even do my 500 hour teaching training while I am out there…

 You can follow James on his travels on:  Facebook – /jamescadyyoga, Instagram – @jamescadyyoga & Twitter – @jamescadyyogajames

Yoga With Kitty: Demystify Your Fear

We welcome a new member to our team: Kitty Billings! She brings to us all that she’s learnt from her many trainings in yoga, pranic healing, and ayurveda (an Indian healing system).


Inversions create stillness. When, I’m not quite centred in myself, it’s like a mirror.

When was your first yoga class?
14 years old and I went with my mum to a Hatha class. It was with a lot of older women, so I was flexible in comparison. I remember at the end in Savasana (relaxation pose) how peaceful I felt and that was something that kept me going back.
How would you describe what yoga means for you in three words?
Food: my daily food
Life: a way of life. There’s not one second that goes without a yoga philosophy or a yoga breath.
Journey: it’s not a destination; it’s one breath at a time. For me, that gives me a lot of freedom and surrender when I get injured or when I’m sick. Every day can be so incredibly different that I take each day as it comes.
What do you gain from your practice?
The deeper you go in yoga the more you get out of it. You can look at alignment and the physical form and how that changes and evolves. But really the magic is in your internal world, how the energy shifts through.
What will you be teaching at Flow Yoga Bristol?
Power Yoga on Wednesday evenings (5:15-6:15) But I do really love teaching Yin as well. In my own practice I do the two – the power flow in the morning to wake everything up get the energy moving internally and externally. And the Yin to soften and come inwards again after the outwards expansion into the world.
What’s your favorite yoga pose?
At the moment it’s Sirsasana (headstand). At the moment I really love it and I’m getting excited It’s great to do all the movement to get warmth in your toes and fingers and toes in this weather. Something about the stillness that’s created in inversions…I’m really loving exploring my boundaries in that.
When I’m not quite centered in myself that’s like a little mirror, it’s quite confronting.
I feel a lot of teachers in Bristol avoid teaching headstand because of not wanting to exclude beginners. What are your thoughts?
We can be so powerful with our words. All it takes is for one teacher to use the word “dangerous” and then students store it in the body. When you break it down you realise there’s not that much weight on the head.
I really love demystifying fears for people – why do you think you’re scared of it? Why do you think you can’t do it? That’s how I’ve overcome challenges in my personal practice. And the benefits far outweigh the rest.

Wellness treats to share with friends, loved ones & family

Albert Einstein nature quote Flow Yoga Bristol Bedminster Windmill Hill

This Albert Einsteins quote says it all for me. Realizing that plasters or quick solutions to a problem are not really helping me or my family feel better in the long term, I find that looking at natural ways to boost our overall health becomes a more obvious choice to me. To be happier & healthier in life I look at my lifestyle and the cause of whatever is not making me and my family feel good. Where stress and fatigue play a mayor role in our busy lives and all stress-related injuries and illnesses that come with this I find that a combination of wholesome nutrition, mindful time for myself and my family & spending time outdoors makes a world of difference for me. Sometimes it is just being outside, admiring the changing of the leaves and breathing in that fresh country air. As opinions and experiences are always personal you might disagree, but I would certainly like to invite you to give it a try!  In this newsletter you can find a winter warming, nourishing recipe to boost you & your families immune system & lots and lots of yoga news on new classes & workshops that we are offering in the next months, most of which are amazing to share with a friend a loved one or even with your babies and children. There is something for everyone this Autumn.  Hope to see you at our studio soon.

Much Love,

Studio Director



Offering you quality time! Relax and unwind at Flow!

The cold breeze coming through the window in the morning and the leaves changing slowly;  Autumn is announcing itself. I  am not feeling sad the summer is over, it was great as it is always but I am feeling mostly exited about the new season to come. I feel ready for the wood burned fires, grounding yoga practices and meditations and long autumn walks being a grateful witness of the changing leaves.

autumn-leaves-circleTransition from one season to the other does not always come easily. Feeling so charged and inspired with all the energy of the summer it can be hard to settle and ground down for the colder days to come. Fortunately at our yoga studio we offer lots of workshops, classes & courses that can help you to re-connect, offering you quality time for yourself in this lovely warm and safe space with our dedicated teachers.

Please find our newsletter here, to read more about our events and classes this Autumn and some tips to help you ground these coming months.

Wishing you a lovely Autumn and hope to meet you on the mat again soon.


New Yoga Term News

Plant a Star in a Skye of Endless Possibilities.


It is all about finding balance between the changes of the season; The end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn.

Fortunately we offer plenty of classes, workshops & courses this summer to leave you feeling balanced and nourished!

I am especially delighted to share that we offer Children’s Yoga & Teen’s Yoga courses at our studio from September.

Check out the newsletter and sign up for any of our new courses, classes or workshops.

Or join us for the last amazing summer event: Feminine Yoga & Tantra in two days from now!

Summer schedule 2016

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we do! Some of our teachers are enjoying some time away out of the studio and enjoying their yoga practice in Paris, British country side or just taking a break in Bristol soaking up the Bristol Yoga vibe! I (Manon) for sure am looking forward to start my day with a morning meditation at one of the great beaches in Pembrokshire this weekend.  But if like some of us you are staying in Bristol this summer and like to continue your practice. Not to worry! We still continue most of our classes and have a great Summer schedule! Manon will take over Kate’s classes this summer (no worries she will be back) and sometimes you might see another teacher at one of your regular classes. Join us for summer morning practices – have a break in your day with our lunch classes, try out Mat- Based Pilates with Katherine or wind down with us at our broad variety of weekend & evening classes.

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Summer Schedule 2016