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Vinyasa Flow Teacher Steph

Children’s Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Teacher Steph

Contact:, 07772512777

Steph has been practicing yoga for seven years. Through her own practice she felt inspired and she decided to train, in summer 2015 in Spain, as a Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga teacher. Steph believes that yoga transforms body and mind. A typical class with Steph focuses on bringing in mindfulness, quieting chatter ,giving you the opportunity to be present. Physically Steph’s classes focus on building core strength, stamina and lean muscle, her classes cater for students from all levels. Expect a class for body and mind, improving fitness and well-being!

Children’s Yoga : As a primary school teacher Steph felt that there was a place for yoga in schools,  and she therefore decided to take a course that would allow her to incorporate yoga into the children’s daily routine. She applied yoga in her own class in the afternoons as a physical and mental break from the more academic lessons; also she ran an after school yoga club which was well attended by the children. She strongly believes in the positive effects yoga has for the mind & body on children. Since having her little boy and leaving full time teaching last year she has taught adult yoga and also started teaching a children’s yoga club at another school. The children’s yoga class Steph offers at our studio aims to teach children some core postures and flows, it will include some mindfulness, but also nurture their own creativity.

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