Private Classes

Why choose Private Yoga?

Private Yoga can be for anyone. If you feel daunted by practicing with a group and would like to get the foundations right, for weight loss, increasing self-esteem or  simply to make it more convenient for your schedule or for any other reason, private classes are great for everyone! It can be just what you need and is a really uplifting way to practice.

Yoga can also offer you mental clarity & physical release and strengthening during periods of anxiety and stress, as support during illness or be very helpful in the process of injury recovery.

Taking into consideration your overall well-being, goals, fitness level and experience we find the teacher from our experienced team to offer you a tailored class to support your needs.

We can offer the classes at the comfort of your home or in our warm and comfortable studio.

When you are interested in taking private classes we offer a free consultation where we can establish your goals and needs for your practice.

Small Group classes:

At your workplace, with friends, for a special event or as a couple wishing to develop your home practice. A small group class can just be what you are looking for.  Fees will depend on your wishes, size of the group and location.

For a free consultation or more information for private or small group class please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please read some of our feedback of our private clients below:

Thank you to Manon who looked after us all so much. We booked a private class as part of a hen weekend and could not rate the class highly enough. It was tailored perfectly to our needs. All of the hens loved it and really enjoyed meeting Manon – Kate ( Private group February 2017)


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