Hatha Yoga Teacher Ruth

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Hatha Yoga teacher Ruth

After practicing yoga for over 7 years, Ruth experienced first hand how yoga can  bring a positive change in anybodies life.  She feels that those moments of silence and reflection in our busy lives can make such a difference. In a world where we are encouraged to be so driven and competitive it can cause many of us to feel hugely anxious.  She strongly believes that a calm mind will help decision making and lead to a more peaceful, fulfilled life.

Her classes are accessible for all levels. She has been trained in a traditional form of Hatha yoga where poses are held for a number of breath and students are invited  to experience the asana (posture) from within. To make the practice accessible for all Ruth offer modifications throughout the class.  Ultimately she wants to share  the healing power of yoga with the added extra of some delicious cake (without the bad stuff). Yes it is possible to have delicious cake but make it healthy for your body too. Join Ruth’s class and you will get a delicious treat as your reward at the end.

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