Information about the classes

For a healthy body and a peace of mind

Beginners or intermediate students are all welcome! I will offer modifications or extra challenging poses where needed to make the practice fun for you.

Yoga for Athletes every Wednesday at 20h00

Improving your performance while being kind to your body

Yoga offers tremendous health and wellness benefits for everyone and nowadays is considered part of regular training for various sports teams and athletes. The national rugby team even made the news doing yoga!

Yoga can be very beneficial for those involved in sports, running and athletic training programs because it:

–        Improves strength and flexibility, namely in the core, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors

–         Builds mental endurance, holding challenging poses builds tenacity that’ll pay off in your sports

–         Prevent muscle rigidity and injuries

–         Increases range of motion

–         Increase in enjoyment of physical activities

–         Increase of oxygen capacity

–         Enhances recovery

–         Restores balance

–         Helps to reduce injury

–         Improves body awareness and focus

You are more then welcome to join the Wednesday class at 20h00. Or if you feel yoga for athletes can be a great contribution to your team or runners group feel free to get in touch and we can establish if we can arrange a class that caters to the needs of your group.

Gentle Yoga every Friday at 09h30

The  practice that increases the quality of life

A gentle and fun practice considering all individual needs, body types and fitness levels.  You might not be able to, or feel the need to bend yourself into a pretzel, but no worries with a special offered yoga practice, yoga is achievable and fun for you! In this gentle flow practice we will work to increase balance and core strength, increase flexibility which results in maintaining and improving the range of motion, regulate breath and build and increases energy

Vinyasa Flow every Monday at 20h00 at A&A fitness studios

The class is open to anyone with an interest in yoga. This practice creates more stillness in your mind making a connection with your breathe and your body working on postures that improve your strength and flexibility and we will not forget to include some relaxation postures to unwind at the end of your day!


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