CeciliaTherapist: Cecilia

Cecilia offers Aromatherapy Massage, Crystal Therapy & Reiki.

I aim to create a space where you can relax, let go and reconnect with your whole self, Doing so I believe can promote your healing process and support you in your path.
Over the last 10 years i have been exploring how to use a combination or Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy and Crystal therapy and Reiki  to bring about this balance. Holding the intention of what benefits you most on the day, and what is it that you have come for, each treatment is  tailored to your needs.
Combining therapeutic massage with the beneficial properties of essential oils can induce profound relaxation making it and exceptional support to physical and emotional well-being.
Crystal therapy and reiki work energetically, intuitively to provide you just what you need in this space and time. Massage and energy work together can also be arranged tho greater benefits are achieved with a 90 min to 2 hour treatment. For more info and how to book please visit www.calmabalance.com
Contact cecilia@calmabalance.com or 07726105087


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