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Becky, Hatha Yoga Teacher

Birth is a drama, life is a drama, death is a drama.
Only your original consciousness is the watcher.
Dramas change, the watcher remains.” -Osho
Through Asana practice and other elements of yoga, Becky believes that we can re-connect with consciousness. She connects with the fluidity of a flow practice and how it can reflect a day or life cycle. The deeper into the practice, a connection with nature and our bodies become more prominent in our lives. We can obverse a shift, in ourselves, in our thoughts and our connection to others.
Over the past few years, Becky experienced a huge shift within her own practice. Last year she went to India in order to train as a teacher in Rishikesh. A deeper sense of connection was reached when undergoing the course and she hopes to be able to pass some of her experiences to help others.
She hopes to help and guide people to bring a sense of relief of emotional stresses, and a sense of ease with themselves and their lives.
Overall she hopes to achieve the experience of feeling powerful in the body and mind in order to overcome obstacles on and off the mat.
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