Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage, Massage course, Flow Yoga Bristol, Windmill Hill, Bedminster

New Course starts: 02nd of March – 23rd March 2018

Time:  11:00-12:00

Price: £40

Sign up for your course here 

Or sign up with a friend and both receive £2.50 off, contact us to make use of this offer.

This 4 week course (reservation only) will not only give you some lovely quality time with your baby but will also benefit you and your baby in many ways. Massage will help you bond with your baby, the gentle touch of your hands stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in you and your baby and will aid your babies well-being, providing benefits like, improving weight gain, aiding digestions, improving circulation and easing teething pain  Massage may help your baby to develop mentally, socially and physically, stay relaxed, cry less and sleep better.

The aim of these classes is to teach basic, safe massage techniques that you can not only enjoy during the course but feel confident to practice at home too.  Next to baby massage we will incorporate some mom & baby yoga and music, in short a complete package for you and your babies well-being.


” My baby and I really enjoyed the massage course. Manon is really friendly and welcoming and there is a lovely calming atmosphere in the class.”

“Thank you for a fantastic course!!! I loved every minute of it!”

” Manon was a wonderful, warm and knowledgable teacher who went with the flow and adapted to the needs of young babies and tired mothers!”

” Baby massage with my 5 week old baby Orla was a real pleasure with Manon. The classes were warm and friendly and gave me lots of good tips for relaxing and chilling out with my gorgeous girl at home.”


One Response to Baby Massage Course

  1. Jess Evans says:

    Hello. Please can you tell me when the next baby massage course is as I unfortunately cannot make the first session of the one starting on 8th September. Thank you.

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