Trigger Point Pilates                                                                                                                                            

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Trigger Point Pilates™ has evolved. It is a combination of Pilates based exercises combined with Myofascia Release which is traditionally a hands-on therapy. Learn a mat work class/system, discover how to apply the principals of Self – Myofascia Release (SMR ). Releasing myofascial trigger points that can often interfere with proper core initiation and provide improved proprioceptive awareness to the user. The method uses one’s own body weight, movement, the breath and equipment to create the soft tissue release.

TheTrigger Point Pilates™ programme was created by Lydia Campbell, originally for her own rehab. Having had 8 knee operations, chronically tight from scar tissue she had to learn to walk again, she couldn’t drive to have physiotherapist, she had to do it alone time and time again with almost non weight bearing exercises or movement for 5 months at a time and lead a functional life, still presenting, teaching and educating. Combining her knowledge of functional Pilates, Sports remedial therapy with 7 years of Myofascial Clinical training. She created a unique programme that works! Developed over 10 years of teaching and getting great results from clinic clients and TTP classes.

The training method helps alleviate chronic pain conditions and constant muscular tightness, undoing muscular restrictions and enhances functional movement. At the end of a class one feels light, lengthened and able to move with total ease.

AerialFit Classes 

AerialLucy 2Fit Pilates uses a soft fabric hammock offering support for the body and add a new dimension to traditional Pilates mat work. AerialFit Pilates aims to build muscle strength without bulk, promoting a strong well balanced body. Suitable for beginners and those who want a new, fun way to build strength!

Please note the class is unsuitable for pre & postnatal ladies (less than 3 months post partum) and those with chronic back or joint issues.

Dates: Every Saturday 10:00-11:00

Price: £10 per class.  £45 for a 5-week class pass Click here to book

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