Q&A with James – One life, live it

How did you end up at Flow?  I heard through the grape vine that a new studio in Bristol was opening up and so I dropped Manon a line and the rest is history…

Did you like being a part of a start up studio? I loved it. I loved the excitement of what we were doing and how we were focusing it on thelocal community. At that time there was a lot of conversation around what people might need from a yoga studio in the area and ideas flowed in a passionate and enthusiastic way.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching at Flow? The students of course! I loved how enthusiastic and keen they all were. I loved how loyal they were, turning up at 7am in the pouring rain! I loved their quirkiness and their “out there” fashion sense. My classes seemed to attract students with tattoos and brightly dyed hair!

What are your reasons for leaving and why have you chosen to travel? This year my girlfriend and I were faced with eviction from our flat, as the landlord wanted to sell. So we had to make some tough choices. It meant I had to go back into 9-5 work to make us more financially stable, which is something I didn't want to do. We knew at some point we wanted to go off and see the world before we got too old. And around this time it hit me, when I have a skill like Yoga Teaching I can teach anywhere in the world so why not take this opportunity of uncertainly and turn it into something positive and super excitingand go and teach in nice, warm, sunny climate.

Will you bring your yoga mat on your travels and are you planning to practice yoga and teach yoga? Absolutely! I take my yoga mat with me everywhere I go. I have recently been in contact with some studios in Melbourne, Australia and I hope to be teaching over there at some point. I also would love to spend some time in India, practising yoga in Rishikesh and other famous Yoga places. Who knows I might even do my 500 hour teaching training while I am out there…

 You can follow James on his travels on:  Facebook – /jamescadyyoga, Instagram – @jamescadyyoga & Twitter – @jamescadyyogajames


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