Wellness treats to share with friends, loved ones & family

Albert Einstein nature quote Flow Yoga Bristol Bedminster Windmill Hill

This Albert Einsteins quote says it all for me. Realizing that plasters or quick solutions to a problem are not really helping me or my family feel better in the long term, I find that looking at natural ways to boost our overall health becomes a more obvious choice to me. To be happier & healthier in life I look at my lifestyle and the cause of whatever is not making me and my family feel good. Where stress and fatigue play a mayor role in our busy lives and all stress-related injuries and illnesses that come with this I find that a combination of wholesome nutrition, mindful time for myself and my family & spending time outdoors makes a world of difference for me. Sometimes it is just being outside, admiring the changing of the leaves and breathing in that fresh country air. As opinions and experiences are always personal you might disagree, but I would certainly like to invite you to give it a try!  In this newsletter you can find a winter warming, nourishing recipe to boost you & your families immune system & lots and lots of yoga news on new classes & workshops that we are offering in the next months, most of which are amazing to share with a friend a loved one or even with your babies and children. There is something for everyone this Autumn.  Hope to see you at our studio soon.

Much Love,

Studio Director




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