Early Morning Yoga, the best start of your day!

Rise & Shine Yogi’s
Struggle to getEarly Morning Yoga Flow Yoga Bristol started in the morning? Then I might have the solution for you. It does require a little bit of will power to get out of bed, but I promise you feel amazing the rest of your day. What am I talking about? It is my all-time favorite the early morning yoga practice. Before getting stuck in the business of my daily life I have time to wake up my body & mind, get the energy flowing, and not completely unimportant set an intention for the day.  After an early morning yoga practice my days always seem to be better and brighter, my mind seems to be clearer and I don’t need to wake up to start work, I am on it from the minute I walk in. Not convinced yet, then find some more amazing benefits for an early yoga practice below:

  1. Yoga will wake you up like a triple espresso
  2. It encourages better sleep habitsAlice Yoga Teacher Flow Yoga Bristol
  3. Early Morning may boost your metabolism
  4. Morning stretching prevents injury and achiness throughout the day
  5. All you can think, “ Wow, I already did yoga today…I am awesome. “

All fabulous reasons to get out of bed. Join us for one or all of the three early morning classes with Alice.  She teaches a lovely early morning Hatha Flow on Tuesday and a led hour Ashtanga class. All levels welcome.  Hoping to see you on the mat for a great start of your day. Book your class here.


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