Opening Soon: Yoga Studio & Holistic Space


Rainbow woman

Rainbow woman

Taking a baby break doesn’t really mean a whole lot of extra time, but I still did find the time to think of which path I want to take coming back from my maternity leave. Missing a dedicated yoga & holistic space in BS3 and with a personal aspiration to be a part of and wanting to offer something to the local community I decided to search for a space to turn into a dedicated yoga & holistic space and found a beautiful space on Whitehouse Street (close to Victoria Park and Windmill City Farm). The Studio has a lovely parquet floor, high ceilings, beautiful light, parking and bike spaces and even the option to shower before or after class. We will be working hard to get the space ready and aim to open on the 1st of September with the help of stuffandthingsupcycled we will get some beautiful signs, art and storage for equipment from reclaimed materials. Keep an eye on this site with all the exiting things happening! Booking online for the existing and new classes will be possible within the next week and local yoga teachers and holistic practioners if you are looking for a peaceful and dedicated space to teach, please get in touch.

Hope to see you all at Flow Yoga Bristol Studio!


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