Practice with us- and celebrate difference

Sunday 20th July 10:00-12:00 Victoria Park


PeaceJust a reminder that this Sunday me and  my friend and yoga teacher Ness are organizing a special yoga and meditation workshop in Victoria Park, dedicated to the local charity S.A.R.I that stands against Racism and Inequality. Not only the horrible things happening in the world due to disrespect, racism and inequality is a reason why we chose this charity, but even at our doorstep crimes happen every day because we judge and disrespect.  Even without being harmful to others it is sometimes difficult to not be judgmental of someone or social groups that are different. With organizing this event we want to race awareness for S.A.R.I. Celebrating difference instead of fearing it.

The suggested donation is 8 Pounds, but it is no obligation. Everybody is welcome to practice with us and it will be well rounded all levels practice.

Bring your mat, if you do not have a mat contact me or Ness and we will bring one for you.

Open your hearth an celebrate difference.

Hope to see you Sunday! xxx





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