Office yoga, workshop for charity and more!

Hi lovely yogi’s and friends,

It’s been a while since my last post and I am just sharing some last new updates with you.

Teaching yoga in Bristol for the last six months has been a great experience. All my classes and cover classes have been special to me and I am learning from you all.

I was one of the privileged to be at Glastonbury festival last weekend, where the message is all about being a bit more caring and kinder to each other and the world and I agree. With a lot less selfishness and a bit more of selfless action we can create a better more compassionate world.

To give our own little contribYoga workshop 20th of Julyution in raising awareness for equality and acceptance me and my friend and colleague Ness are hosting a yoga workshop in the park on the 20th of July from 10:00-12:00. All the money we will raise will go to the local charity S.A.R.I which is a great organization that stands up against inequality and racism.

Please find the picture ( link )to the event for more information and I hope you will join us on this special practice.

Office yoga

Also I am pleased to announce that I will be expanding my yoga classes from September and will start with teaching yoga at offices. My lovely partner will help me to get a great yoga cart for my bike (you know us Dutchies) so I can travel with my mats to your office to teach a class. I am taking on new bookings, and am offering taster sessions at your office with a 50% discount. Please read more about it on the office yoga page or contact me if you would like some more information.

And last but not least, when it is dry this Sunday I will be in the park teaching an all level yoga class from 10:00-11:00. Your all welcome to join me. Please note that if Sunday is your first class it is not a free class (6 Pound per class).

Hope to see you there and have a lovely weekend all!


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