Yoga for 50+

The  practice that increases the quality of life 

Let’s face it, we all become older and with age we experience that we are just not that mobile and flexible as we were a couple of years or even a couple of months ago. The mind is willing, unfortunately the flesh is weak.  The aging process and how you deal with these changes in your body are however completely up to you. As we become older we tend to take it easy more as we become more susceptible to ailments, however taking it easy is really something we shouldn’t do. As the aging population is growing rapidly researchers are taking a closer look at the health issues of the older population and how they can be addressed and yoga is considered by many to be a tremendous tool for combating the concerns of an aging 50

You might  not be able to, or feel the need to bend yourself into a pretzel, but no worries with a special 50+, senior yoga class and good guidance from your teacher yoga  is very much achievable and fun. Even so the benefits that yoga claims to have should be worth a try. A regular yoga  practice can bring you:

–          Increase in balance and core strength (which reduces fall-related injuries)

–          Alleviate senior-health related issues such as menopause and high blood pressure

–          Increase flexibility which results in maintaining and improving the range of motion

–          Improve sleep habits

–          Regulate breath

–          Build and increases energy

–          Promote a good bone health

Feel inspired and want to give it go?  Come and experience the benefits yourself (first class free) as there is a weekly yoga for 50+ class at Faithspace from 09:30-10:30. For more information contact Manon: 075 72246031, or look on

Feel inspired but you do not live in this area. Not to worry, in every community there are many yoga classes offered and there is always a good teacher to find that can give you the support you need.


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  1. mybodymytime says:

    Great post i love my bikram yoga

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